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BURNING HEADS "Choose Your Trap" 2LP


Prix port compris pour la France

Douzième album de Burning Heads (Orléans). Et le premier double LP du groupe. Un vinyle 100% punk rock, un autre 100 % Burning Reggae !
Pochette ouvrable avec poster. [ Pressage MPO ]

A01/ A1 A True Life
A2 Keep On Dancing
A3 Too Many Kisses
A4 Pop A Pill
A5 I Choose My Trap
A6 I Wont Cry
A7 Brakeless
B1 Tears And Blood
B2 Lie To Me
B3 What Did You Except
B4 Voice Of The Voiceless
B5 I Dont Care
B6 Story About Nothing
B7 The Swim
B8 Stick Our Heads Up High
C1 All About Love
C2 Back To Square One
C3 Spite And Anger
C4 Midnight Dub
C5 We Gonna Party
D1 Mad Brains
D2 Slow Down
D3 I See
D4 Zzyzx
D5 Spirit Of 68 V2

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