BURNING HEADS "Under Their Influence" LP+45T


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Under Their Influence (2021)
Tracklisting LP Vinyle

A1- Home of the Brave (Naked Raygun) feat. Salim / Sixpack
A2- Colors and Blood (D.I.) feat. Annita / Off Models
A3- Hope (Descendents) feat. Thomas / Unlogistic & Retsar Baï Naïm
A4- Sunstroke (Guns n’ Wankers) feat. Jean-Rem d’Audincourt
A5- Left for Dead (UK Subs) feat. Makou and Bunkum
A6- I’ve Heard (Dag Nasty) feat. Yohan / Ed Warner
A7- Chutes and Ladders (Gray Matter) feat. Guillaume / Circles & Trouble Everyday
A8- Quelle Sacrée Revanche (O.T.H.) feat. Wattie & Lion’s Law
A9- 21st Century (digital boy) (Bad Religion) feat. Mimi / Flying Donuts

B1- Big Take Over (Bad Brains) feat. JC0011 / Le Peuple de L’herbe
B2- Set an Exemple (Spermbirds) feat. Claire / Stinky
B3- Amoeba (Adolescents) feat Bender & Dudu / Speed Jesus
B4- Runaround (The Lambrettas) feat. Johnny Rival / King Phantom
B5- Society (Pennywise) feat. Francis Altrach / Nothing More
B6- Indoctrination (Good Riddance) feat. Vanessa / The Mercenaries
B7- I Fought the Law (The Clash) feat. Forest Pooky / Sons Of Buddha & Supermunk
B8- Handout (Face To Face) feat. Ed / Not Scientists

45 tours bonus
A5- Coff’s Harbour Blues (Hard-ons) feat. Seb / Seven Hate
B6- Uphill Struggle (Adhesive) feat. Fra / The Eternal Youth & Ravi

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